Case Study: Consulting + CEO Advising


A dynamic translation and localization company in San Francisco, led by an energetic entrepreneur with a technology background, needed to distinguish itself in a crowded field of competitors. Venga engaged Shelly Priebe to increase brand awareness to ultimately drive greater revenue.


Venga was relatively young as an independent translation and localization company, having been spun-off by a large technology company in Silicon Valley. The founder, Kåre Lindahl, is a globalizer at heart, a businessman in practice. During his years at a large technology company, he became well versed in combining human ingenuity with the latest technology to solve language and localization issues.

The translation and localization industry is crowded with many similar-sized, technology-minded companies.  “Language service providers battle commoditization every day,” said Kåre. “We knew we needed to establish our differentiators quickly in order to be successful.”

The Solution:

As Kåre says, “Working with Priebe helped distill the “Venga story” with a message of real differentiators. This came at precisely the time that Venga was updating web content, expanding marketing, and setting up business development organization and systems.”

Shelly quickly assessed market position and developed a sales and marketing plan focused on differentiators, brand image, and sales goals.  The plans leveraged Venga’s understated market success, with a real push to capitalize on proven strengths and capacities.   In addition to the sales and marketing plan, Shelly also created a business development plan that leveraged Kåre’s extensive client-side network. In advisor capacity, Shelly was able to draw on her own solid background as the CEO to guide and counsel at a strategic level at a “ramp up” time when Venga was adding technology infrastructure, processes and staff

Consultant + Coach:

What was especially successful was Shelly’s ability to act as a coach to Kåre.  While drawing on her business background for the strategic and tactical plans, Shelly also engaged as a business coach to help Kåre effectively use the strategic plans.

As Kåre said after the work was completed, “For me, one of the most important parts of what Shelly offered Venga was her ability to function as a sounding board to an executive level manager or founder/owner. To have someone with CEO experience and an extensive network of contacts come in to review your business and to ask ‘why’ several times, helped us focus our work and to move much faster.”

The Results:

“Shelly excels at organizational design, sales/marketing strategy, and building brand. She was instrumental in crafting the Venga message and getting it in front of decision makers via creative marketing approaches and basic business development tactics,” said Kåre.

  • Venga experienced a 300% revenue growth and significant client diversification in just one year
  • Venga emerged from a virtually unknown vendor to a well branded and visible vendor with a savvy CEO well versed on this company’s messages.
  • Attendance at educational webinars started by Venga under Shelly’s tutelage grew significantly, building brand awareness and highlighting Venga’s differentiators.
  • Demand for Kåre as a speaker grew significantly, aligned his visibility as a strong business leader.

Kåre concluded with this: “Shelly’s contributions helped Venga prioritize on activities that increased revenue and new clients.”