Using Gut Instinct to Make Business Decisions

In 1984 an MBA professor made a lasting and life impacting impression. Dr Lynn Robinson went on to publish “Coming Out of our Psychic Closet” in 1994. A decade earlier in the hallowed halls of University of South Alabama Dr. Robinson lamented that business decision making  too often misses the “gut” component. We are conditioned to ignore this as invalidated data.

A year ago I provided career coaching to an executive with impressive Fortune 100 experience who was ready to embrace something new. He accepted an offer that was well below what he should have commanded in the marketplace because he was excited about the opportunity with a small ramp-up and liked the company culture.

I got this email from him last week; “I was just thinking about you upon the occasion of my one year anniversary. Things couldn’t be better. I just got a great review and a massive salary increase. I am truly appreciated by the team in ways I never was before.  I love the company from the ‘feel’ to the obvious, demonstrated skill and integrity of the executive team. I am having a blast.”

My client made a decision that didn’t add up on paper; he had the confidence to risk following his gut.  It paid off, as so often does.