The Path you Choose & The Trail you Leave

WHAT WILL YOU CLEAR AND WHAT WILL YOU PLANT? We choose our paths and we leave a trail. Coaching encourages being intentional about choices that determine direction. The alternative can look like putting one foot in front of the other day after day without considering a turn to left or right, never climbing a tree for a better view, never going off-road with an axe to clear a new way, never noticing an open field that invites running or dancing or resting. A dear friend recently shared the news that her headstrong idealist daughter was leaving the nest a year earlier than planned to spend her high school senior year abroad on an exchange program that she had independently arranged. I mused….what would this amazing young woman clear and what would she plant in the life path she follows? My friend loved the analogy that I penned so sincerely – and it inspires me to ask my followers the same.