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It’s Just a Color

One key leadership quality is decisivness. Few great leaders always always get it right. If they do, chances are good they are not be assuming a appropriate level of risk that helps an organization stretch and grow. But good leaders can be counted for clear direction. Different decision making styles vary. They may chart on continuums from intuitive to analytical, from deliberate to spontaneous. Different styles work for different leader profiles. What does not work is ambiguous vaccilation. Indecision can paralyze an organization.

In many coaching engagements the scope of work includes focus on “executive demeanor.” Making decisions and communicating them clearly is one component. I advocate this regularly. So, it is with admitted irony that on a recent visit for a pedicure I spent more time than I will admit wavering on the momentuous decision of what color to paint my toenails. Should I leave the comfort zone of the safe color I always chose and venture out for a youthful shade of blue? Would it be too radical a departure from my professional personae? My ever patient nail technician finally looked me in the eye and stated evenly and authoritatively, “It is just a color.”

How often do you waste your time (and the time of others) on decisions that are insignificant in the big picture and easily reversible?  To blog or not to blog on the new and improved website for Priebe & Associates? I’m moving forward, being decisive, choosing blue.