Disruptive Innovation Attracts Top Executive Talent

A current career coaching client has defined his next ideal executive leadership role as one in an organization that champions a disruptive corporate culture and business models. Relatively young companies created to address new patterns in consumer behavior surely meet this profile.  Homeaway http://www.homeaway.com is a great example. But don’t make the mistake of believing that “traditional” corporate behemoths cannot act with agility and disruption. Check out this news post:
The target for this publication is companies in the Language Services Space so their are some acronyms that may be mysterious to you (LSP = Language Services Provider.) But strip that lens away and what you have here is an article about a big traditional company Adobe that continues to push the envelope with disruptive business models.
* democratized document publishing
* early Unicode support
* Creative Cloud (CC), the cloud based version of its applications
* and now, Creative suite product availability available only via cloud subscription model.
Disruption invites some market risk, but it is well calculated. It also attracts high end talent like the executive whom I am coaching; He will only work in an environments that is truly innovative.