The Futures Lab

The Futures Lab is a Futures-based consultancy headquartered in the US with offices in Australia, Mexico and Chile, and associates in London, Europe, and Tokyo. Given the premise that most winning ideas are found outside of the industry, The Futures Lab uses a “Wide angled lens” approach which studies not just the category and market in question, but also the future of likely future touch points.

“Shelly was a The Futures Lab client in 2006 and the ensuing collaboration with her is the manifestation of her efficient grasp and determined commitment to futures based strategy. Shelly sat on “Frontline Panels” consisting of an eclectic group of 8-10 leading future-thinkers, from a variety of industries and or disci-plines. Frontline Panels are about hijacking unexpected signals and breakthrough ideas as an alternative to the incremental thinking more often associated with typical expert panels and focus groups.”