Plumb Line Advising

With more than 25 years of CEO and senior executive leadership experience Principle John Paget has run 7 multibillion dollar companies as either President or CEO. He serves leaders who invest in developing themselves, their executives, and their companies.  A plumb line is a simple but accurate tool used for determining whether or not something is perfectly vertical i.e. upright. Used since ancient times, a plumb line consists merely of a line and a weight of some sort, at first just a stone, but later a weight made from lead. Plumb lines are referenced literally and metaphorically throughout the bible as God uses His Word as a “plumb line”  to determine how upright his people truly are.



MarketBlender helps businesses grow business. Their consulting services to small to medium sized businesses focus on strategic planning, market expansion, and social relationship management.

DreamStorm.Org is a non-profit that encourages dreams and delivers life where life happens – in communities, homes, jobs and schools. With 40 years of ministry experience founder “J” Huffman was called to serve outside the confines of traditional church spaces. Shelly is a member of the  “Dream Team” that helped launch and refine the vision of this organization that coaches and teaches clients via marketplace channels.

GALA (Globalization and Localization Association)

Member, Globalization and Localization Association. The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is an international nonprofit association whose member companies specialize in language services, translation services and language technology. The Globalization and Localization Association encourages local communication as an indispensable component to a global strategy.

“Shelly Priebe has been an active member of GALA since its inception. Her leadership on task teams and the Board has been instrumental in defining GALA vision and marketing strategy. She also speaks at GALA events, has conducted webinars for a worldwide GALA audience, and leads the GALA CEO Forum”


Companies with any international component must make the most of their budgets in order to get high-quality and efficient translation and localization results.  Under the leadership of experienced international business guru Aki Ito, LocalizationGuy guides clients through the array of ever-changing localization process and technology options.  They assemble virtual teams that meet  localization needs cost-effectively and eliminate process defects using Six Sigma process improvement tools.

The Futures Lab

The Futures Lab is a Futures-based consultancy headquartered in the US with offices in Australia, Mexico and Chile, and associates in London, Europe, and Tokyo. Given the premise that most winning ideas are found outside of the industry, The Futures Lab uses a “Wide angled lens” approach which studies not just the category and market in question, but also the future of likely future touch points.

“Shelly was a The Futures Lab client in 2006 and the ensuing collaboration with her is the manifestation of her efficient grasp and determined commitment to futures based strategy. Shelly sat on “Frontline Panels” consisting of an eclectic group of 8-10 leading future-thinkers, from a variety of industries and or disci-plines. Frontline Panels are about hijacking unexpected signals and breakthrough ideas as an alternative to the incremental thinking more often associated with typical expert panels and focus groups.”

Asia Online

Asia Online has developed a unique human driven automated language translation platform that is based on Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology. This platform facilitates post-editing and gathering corrective human feedback on a continuous basis. This differentiated translation technology approach can deliver publishable quality translations because of the tightly integrated man-machine collaboration.

“Shelly Priebe was an early adopter and advocate of the Asia Online approach to automated translation technology. Her vision for implementing Asia Online technology in traditional translation workflows allowed clients to exponentially increase access to and publication of translated information.”


SOLIDexecutive coaches executives and teams to SOLID peak performance through results-oriented leadership, business, relationship and career coaching. SOLID’s core values are Service, Organization, Leadership, Integrity and Design.

“Shelly Priebe joins the SOLID affiliate network with years of experience in bringing out the best in executives and teams. Her personal journey in achieving life balance empowers this area of complementary expertise to the SOLID service offering.”


Motum is the premier revenue performance firm, helping clients around the world develop and implement go-to-market platforms that set the stage to grow profitable revenue. Implemented by market leaders such as SAP, Alix Partners, Microsoft, Del Monte Foods, OKI Data, Touchstone Imaging, The SAS Institute, CenturyLink, Rolta TUSC, Ancillary Care Services, SOURCE, First Angel Capital, XETA Technologies, Pegasus Logistics, Miller Nash and The Vintage Racing League, only Motum immediately integrates into your operations, objectively pursues opportunities for improvement and leads the achievement of sustainable revenue growth.

“As a member of the Motum Decision Maker Network Shelly Priebe helps ensure that our clients’ go-to market programs are validated live by target buyers and expert executives. We are proud to have the endorsement of Priebe & Associates in applying the ideal Sales Performance and Marketing Powered Programs to market-leading clients. Together, Motum and Priebe are helping clients make the right connections between well-conceived marketing and public relations to tangible revenue performance.”

Clay Tablet Technologies

Clay Tablet Technologies provides integration software to solve the problem of moving vast amounts of corporate sales, marketing and product content that needs to be trans-lated into many different languages. CTT software bridges the gap between the people and processes that create using content management systems, and the people who use translation software to translate it, thus making the translation process faster and more efficient.

“Shelly Priebe is a CTT partner that effectively advocates for clients and knows when and how to apply Clay Tablet Technology to save time and money.”